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Grow Room Design

Grow Room Design

Raise your own particular strain of cannabis at home with an enriched safe and sanitary grow room design. Know exactly how your cannabis was raised and save money. We bring a creative, yet practical approach to your grow room design needs.

We work closely with suppliers get the most of your budget, and design functional and attractive cultivation layouts for your personal and commercial needs.

Grow Room Design Services

Why use our grow room design services instead of a general contracting company or hydropponic store?

  • We're objective, we design for you, not sell you products.
  • Freedom to design how you imagine it, even if you’re already working with a designer, architect or builder.

Our Designers

Our team of designers in Canada, provide exceptional cultivation designs, staying within budget and providing friendly service.

  • Discovery: 
    • The first thing we have to comprehend is would we be able to help you? We take a gander at your inclination, style, way of life, and outline needs through and through. We at that point give you a proposition and spending plan because of your outline objectives.

  • Investigation:
    • Measurements and Photos: This step gives us a superior comprehension of your space and vital structural points of interest.

  • Floor Plans:
    • The establishment of good outline is a proficient furniture design with properly scaled furniture. 2D and 3D illustrations are offered to give you the best visual points of interest.

  • Requesting and Installation:
    • Designs forever will put in all requests and organizes any agreement work. We just work with exceedingly talented and proficient colleagues!

General Contracting

General Contracting

We are immensely proud with our general contracting service & for our extraordinary group of experts that maintain our organization's respectability and keep up our fruitful reputation with every last new venture we embrace.

Servicing the public and private sectors, cannabis contractor's general contracting service is a universal approach to the development and construction of a project, which is set out by specific contract documents specially put together by a prime design consultant who has been hired by the client directly.

Pre-Construction Services

Our experience, polished methodology, and specialized complexity rouse certainty among our clients with the end goal that they can dependably coordinate the movement of the construction process to accomplish the greatest productivity.

Reliable & Experienced

It is undeniable that cannabis contractor can and will provide a professional and personable experience for your venture.

Our responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Providing all materials, labor equipment.
  • Manages subcontractors and labours
  • Arranges permits
  • Gathers bids

Project Mangement

Project Mangement

Cannabis contractors project management stresses a group approach where our customers work alongside our team.

Our project management obligation is to provide the general organization of the venture. This incorporates preparatory arranging of the building plan, booking, spending plan, procedure, and materials counseling amid the outline stage. They will likewise mastermind all venture administrations and subcontractors.

Our project managers serve the team as a clear line of accountability. With a project manager in place, there’s no confusion about who’s in charge at each phase of the project. Keeping everyone on the team in line.

Pre-Construction Services

Our experience, polished methodology, and specialized complexity rouse certainty among our clients with the end goal that they can dependably coordinate the movement of the construction process to accomplish the greatest productivity.

Reliable & Experienced

Exceptional project management ensures we are able to meet the goals of the project and remain closely aligned with the goals of the business.

Our responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Planning and Defining Scope.
  • Time Estimation
  • Cost Estimation
  • Resource Planning.
  • Leadership
    • Leadership is very important as it brings accountability and direction to the projects.

  • Quality Control
    • Quality control ensures that the project as a realistic timeline and the resources to deliver, but also that the craftsmanship is of high quailty.

  • Oversight
    • Project oversight is in place ensure that a project is beginning done on time, in the budget and not deviating from its intended course.

  • Risk Management
    • Good risk assessment requires the project managers to spot all potential risks to the project. After being analyzed to than quantify them, develop a plan against them, and a contingency plan should any of them come to fruition.



Cannabis contractor has the skill and assets to give the most complete and adaptable lighting upkeep programs in the marijuana business.

Regardless of whether it is long-term support of your electrical prerequisites, supplanting old wiring with a redesigned framework or ensuring that basic electrical hardware is working legitimately.

Standard checks and opportune repairs avoid sudden blackouts, immense substitution costs and genuine mischances in your working environment. Our specialists and experts are among the most qualified in marijuana growing business.

Maintenance Services

Our highly skilled teams of, project manager, and electricians have the experience to design, install and maintain your systems.

Maintenance & Auditing

An experienced cannabis contractor will conduct a direct a definite examination of your personal or commercial grow room and give reports and insight into processes and maintenance.

Cannabis Quality Control

Cannabis Quality Control

The Canadian Cannabis Industry faces exceptional direction as purchasers and governments overall request large amounts of cannabis quality control, wellbeing and traceability. A large majority of commercial cultivators have been out of compliance for this very reason. creating quality control challenges the cannabis industry.

Importance of Cannabis Quality Control

A company operating within the cannabis industry must know the quality standards expected by Health Canada and other governing bodies and how to achieve them.

Where we come in: 

  • Reduce risks
  • Improve product consistency
  • Reduce costs

Reliable & Experienced

On the chance that your product doesn't meet the standards of the consumer, your supporters may search out the opposition whenever a need arises. Delivering steady consistent product is at the center of value for the quality control.

  • Prioritize improvement efforts
  • Compare production-line capability
  • Ensure product consistency
  • Reduce costs

Grow Consulting

Grow Consulting

Cannabis contractor's partnership with the top consultants at Cannabis Consulting operates in a different way. Ensuring compliance in helping you actualize your growing operation. We trust there's a superior way to grow.

At Cannabis Contractor our grow consulting gives opportune, unprejudiced and exact cultivation grow training and administrations to cultivators. We are passionate about the industry and helping our clients to develop the best harvest and profit!

Consulting Services

A partner with broad industry knowledge, throughout insights and a vast range of talent.

Our responsibilities when serving as the consultant include:

  • Strategy implementation
  • Risk management
  • Compliance/Regulatory Compliance

Reliable & Experienced

Cannabis Consulting helps entrepreneurs and experienced growers with every aspect of marijuana growing in order to maximize your yields. Providing affordable successful solutions.

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