Grow your own particular strain of cannabis at home. Our grow room builders create an enriched safe and sanitary personal grows room environment. Know exactly how your cannabis was raised and save money. We offer totally adaptable prefab bundles that fit any at-home circumstance. Each bundle incorporates all things required for in order to have successful crops time and time again with minimal effort. Have a piece of mind with continuous support from expert growers to ensure your yield’s prosperity and remarkable quality.

To put it plainly, in the event that you are quite a constant medical user of cannabis for your treatment, you are paying essentially more for your product. To dodge the pesticides, fungicides and manufactured manures usually utilized economically, not for all licensed growers but for some, growing MaryJane yourself is an interest in your well-being.

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Today, our grow room builders offer something other than bias transitory reflective walls and hanging lights, as some people think. There are compliance standards and environmental conditions that must be met in order to grow high-quality cannabis.

Many licensed producers benefit from the simplicity, flexibility, and quality that modular personal grows room construction offers. Attractive prefabricated engineered grow rooms can be any size, have multiple stories and custom designed to meet specific needs. They have been proven to produce outstanding quality for both personal in-home installations and commercial facilities.

Structures are fabricated in a controlled environment where consistency of value-focused in a plant benefits the venture. Modules are effectively transported to site for installation by our grow room builders. This procedure spares time and cash since site readiness happens while the structures are being made and there are no delays. Personal grow room establishment is considerably faster and less obtrusive than ‘stick-fabricated’.


Our modular grow rooms are an innovative system that complies with all of Health Canada’s requirements. Every modular grow room of patented anodized aluminum framing, with impressive load bearing capability. Not only does this provide structural integrity for the entire room, more importantly, it makes the grow room relocatable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to assemble and integrate with.

Our grow rooms provide a 100% controlled environment for all of your growing needs, our grow room builders have the ability to install our grow rooms inside of homes, garages, warehouses etc. Always providing consistent yields, great look, integrations, and integrity while ensuring all requirements are cost effective to our clients.


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The adaptability of our grow rooms makes it a great choice for any size or budget, every grow room is hand measured by one of our experienced contractor than manufactured here in Canada ensuring its completely tailored and can modify easily if and when you sell your house or for future business growth.

We ensure your peace of mind during the build with our knowledge and experience managing the budget, time and entire installation of the walls, ceilings, doors, window and light systems that with either meet or exceed industry standards, depending on your needs.

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Customize with the following equipment:

  • High Intensity Lamps
  • HVAC Control Equipment
  • Ventilation Fans
  • CO2 Emitting Equipment
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems

Why Our Grow Rooms?

  • Enrichment
    • Growing marijuana yourself is an investment in your health. Additionally, we are firm believers in the therapeutic value of interacting with the plant that produces your favourite herb. Cultivating your own cannabis is good for your overall well being it has proven to be beneficial to mind body and spirit ,through relaxation and satisfaction. Physically being around your cannabis will keep the plants happy and help produce high quality medicinal marijuana.

  • Cost Advantage
    • All you truly, really need to grow cannabis are a few seeds and a little spot of soil or hydroponic setup to complement your modular grow room. Clearly, the quality will enhance the more you put resources into quality soil, natural compost, bother control and feminized, quality seeds. All other components necessary for growing is bundled in the package.

  • Quality
    • Know exactly how your cannabis is grown, having the ability to grow and consume your medicinal marijuana that you grew with your own two hands ensures that you get the only the finest quality specific to your individual needs.

  • Installation
    • There are many favorable circumstances to utilizing modular (or pre-built) frameworks when planning and building in home personal grow rooms. Clean Installation. Perfectly controlled environment. Pre-assembled frameworks require less on location construction. Relocatable. Adaptive to growth and modification.

  • Support
    • Our team will swiftly connect you with one of our trained members of staff who will be able to help. We can be on-site immediately and will take the necessary steps to mitigate the problem.


I just want to thank Cannabis Contractor for a great product. I have had my greenhouse for a couple years, and in this time managed to consistently grow high quality plants with a great deal of success.

Tom Wagner MMPR Licensed Producer

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