Drip Irrigation For Cannabis

Utilize a simple concept called drip irrigation for cannabis, this makes for one less chore that has to be done on schedule in order for the plant to thrive.

These frameworks utilize tubes usually constructed with polyethylene, it is positioned to run underneath or alongside your plant. The tube provides a constant drip of water providing the plant with a steady supply of water.

Drip irrigation has been tried and tested and a relatively straightforward process regardless of the size of the operation. This gives the grower the ability to manually control the speed of water dispersion and accuracy.

Focal points of drip irrigation

For one, it’s considerably accurate, instead of shooting water throughout the garden in an uneven fashion, drip water irrigation systems hit an accurate spot. Also sparring you the vitality of wandering around the garden.

Using drip irrigation for cannabis lessons the amount of run-off water. Due to the nature of this constant flow, the moisture is able to seep far down into the soil. Benefiting your supplements as they can be sent down profound into the dirt and past the scope of the underlying foundations of your cannabis plants.


More intricate trickle water system frameworks utilize a water pumper to drive the water through the lines and to every planet, manual flow valve, primary and submain lines, laterals and producers or drippers.

The manual flow valve can work as an emergency shut off or as a simple and inexpensive way to regulate the flow of water. Mainlines, submains and laterals administer the water into the developing house. Producers and drippers area unit place onto the laterals and area unit submitted on top of chosen plants in a request to administer water.


By using drip irrigation for cannabis right at the beginning stages of your grow, your plants will develop to be relatively similar in size, this creates an organized well-maintained operation. Another advantage to plant consistency is the increased efficiency of maintenance for both the master growers and workers ( if a commercial operation ) where there are multiple plants plotted.


If your looking at drip irrigation to streamline your processes than programmable logic controllers (PLCs)  allow for straightforward simplicity from a cell phone, tablet or desktop. Although these may be additionally pricey the flexibility to be given the ability to set what range of water you would like, the speed, frequency and gather analytics all from a simple interface is worth the investment.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best approach, drip irrigation for cannabis has been trusted by experienced growers all over the world. It is the most sensible approach to ensure consistency when it comes to watering your plants.

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