a passive solar cannabis greenhouse

Passive Solar Greenhouse

Passive Solar Greenhouse

Greenhouses are designed to be solar structures. They were engineered to utilize the light and warmth of our sun,  harnessing the heat inside the structure to create an optimal environment to grow plants of all kinds including cannabis.  Passive solar in a nut shell utilizes the earths natural forces and southern exposure for heat.

Correct Placement

The key to operating a passive solar greenhouse is to utilize the sun and natural elements to heat the cultivation environment. Situate the side of your nursery as much due South as possible. In a perfect world you will have however much of the surface zone as could be expected retaining the sun. In the event that you don’t have full daylight, attempt to boost as much light as you can remembering the sun is oriented vitality and will hit the southern side of the nursery. This will help to heat the greenhouse by optimizing the sun as the main source of heat.

Increment warm mass

Fill huge basins with water to gather warm amid the day and gradually discharge it around evening time to help keep the nursery temperature hotter.

There are a few generally utilized materials for utilizing the warm: stone, cement and water work best. Rock makes a magnificent deck for the greenhouse it uses the geothermal warm mass and furthermore enables water to deplete without an irrigation system in place. For extra warm mass, water is a great method of warmth stockpiling since it circulates the warmth uniformly and discharges it gradually. Warmth transmitted from sun powered water holders is a moderate, inconspicuous, even warmth that keeps up even nursery temperatures.

Utilizing dark materials such as your pots or hydroponics will retain a large portion of the radiation hitting its surface exchanging the warmth to the water. Stainless and copper vessels fill in too. They will warm significantly quicker and exchange more noteworthy warmth power to the water which retains more warmth subsequently. .

Use a reflective surfaces

Directing the most light possible to the thermal mass can significantly increase the heating capacity. Reflective insulation on the North wall will help redirect light from the back of the greenhouse to the thermal mass, as well as create  much healthier lighting for the plants. Ideally, the only dark surfaces in the greenhouse should be planted containers and water storage.

Add insulation

Collecting the heat is key for a passive solar greenhouse but only the first step. Storing the heat is important since it’s most needed at night when the sun is already down. Using an insulated covering is critical in retaining the heat for a time when needed. Further insulating the North wall is and can be very effective. Insulation materials such as two or three inch thick fiberglass batting are effective on the North wall. The North wall transmits very little light, so minimizing heat loss is a trade-off for light in this instance.

A passive solar greenhouse based is the least demanding and least expensive approach to keep up steady temperatures and continuously grow high quality bud year round. It is a great way to get into the hobble of raising your own medicinal marijuana. Just remember the key parts for sunlight based warmth: water, sun, and protection.

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