cannabis nutrient burn

What is Cannabis Nutrient Burn?

Cannabis Nutrient burn, what is it?

What is cannabis nutrient burn? This happens when your plant’s are taking in an excessive amount of supplements. If you find your self in this scenario there is no motivation to feel just because you gave your cannabis plants an unreasonable measure of supplements that they are untreatable. Excessive supplements make the leaves have a darker or yellow, consumed tip. It can also make your plant have a potent chemical taste, when consumed.

An excess of supplements will play a big part in influencing your plants capacity to process light thus inhibiting your plants ability to grow and thrive, and it will eventually affect the general yield.

How to heal your plants

There are a few ways to heal your cannabis plant, the best way is to replace your potent nutrient solution with distilled water for a few days, after that remove the water and then start them on 1/4 – 1/2 strength that the package provides and work up slowly.

It is important to remember that the signs of your cannabis nutrient burn won’t just go away immediately after flushing your plants. If the leaves were perviously showing signs of cannabis nutrient burn then you may way to consider clipping the leaves if they show signs of yellow/brown spots, dry brown or yellow edges. This is a reasons why it is critical to recognize nutrient burn while the flower is still in its early stages.

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