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Design & Layouts

Our cannabis contracting offers the most unique and robust solutions among cannabis design in the industry.

Indoor & Outdoor Grow Rooms

We offer a number of solutions for custom indoor / outdoor grow rooms for both commercial & personal use.

Personal Growrooms

We offer extended support and maintenance that goes above and beyond, to protect your investment.


Built to last

Grow your own particular strain of cannabis at home. Our grow room builders create an enriched safe and sanitary personal grows room environment. Know exactly how your cannabis was raised and save money. We offer totally adaptable prefab bundles that fit any at-home circumstance. Each bundle incorporates all things required for in order to have successful crops time and time again with minimal effort. Have a piece of mind with continuous support from expert growers to ensure your yield’s prosperity and remarkable quality.

To put it plainly, in the event that you are quite a constant medical user of cannabis for your treatment, you are paying essentially more for your product. To dodge the pesticides, fungicides and manufactured manures usually utilized economically, not for all licensed growers but for some, growing MaryJane yourself is an interest in your well-being.


Micro Grows

Micro-cultivation will allow producers to grow cannabis within a 200 m²/2153-sq-ft area. Big cannabis companies are creating a buzz ahead of legalization, but there is still room for micro-cultivators to enter the market.


Security In Mind


Provinces Installed




Square Feet

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Reliable Installation

Improper grow room installation can cost you, we guarantee reliable and professional installation to save you money.


Controlled Environment

Our enclosed grow rooms provide protection and maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the crop.


Quality Controlled

Quality controlled conditions ensure that your crops meet certain safety and quality standards playing a key role in agricultural processing.


Moisture Resistant

Moisture levels are higher in grow rooms to maintain optimum growing conditions. It is particularly important that the right materials are used.



Our controled grow rooms are designed around an improved mold- and moisture-resistant core covered by either treated moisture.

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Stunning, versatile indoor grow rooms give you greater choice when expanding your living space.Built-to-code with safety and security in mind.


Cost Efficient

Our sustainable, reliable and affordable grow room solutions are tailored to suit your need while keeping costs down.



Pair it with Pulse an app that helps you manage your grow, get help from other growers, & optimize yields and efficiency!

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Commercial production

Dispensary Design & Construction

Our design experts, assisted by a team of qualified technicians, can see a project through from beginning to end. Not having to deal with several contractors at once will help to minimize your costs, prevent misunderstandings and simplify your project.

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  • Facility Equipment
  • Security Requirements
  • Construction Management
  • Product Storage
  • Licensing Requirements

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