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Where passion meets experience.

Custom Design / Layout

Our cannabis contracting offers the most unique and robust solutions among cannabis design in the industry.

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Where passion meets experience.

Custom Indoor / Outdoor Grow Room

We offer a number of solutions for custom indoor / outdoor grow rooms for both commercial & personal use.

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Where passion meets experience.

Warranties & Maintenance

We offer extended support and maintenance that goes above and beyond, to protect your investment.

Our Priorities

Here at cannabis contractor our team specializes in a custom grow room setup that is designed specifically for you.

We design and construct grow room facility plans ranging in size from a small grow room, garages, and warehouses to grand commercial facilities. Our cannabis contractors serve Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, the GTA, and all of Ontario and Canada with quick, accurate and affordable solutions.

Where passion meets experience.

Good Planning

Project's scope & planning created before execution.

Where passion meets experience.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring our product produces only the highest quality cannabis.

Where passion meets experience.


Protecting your investment from start to finsh for peace of mind.

Where passion meets experience.


High Quality Cannabis Construction from experts in the industry.

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Leading the way in marijuana solutions

Our team includes experienced residential & commercial engineers, top cannabis consultants and a team of experienced passionate individuals.


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We have found cannabis contractor construction’s management team very easy to deal with and consider our relationship to be a working partnership.

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Personal Grow Rooms

Raise your own particular strain of cannabis at home with an enriched safe and sanitary grow room setup. Know exactly how your cannabis was raised and save money.

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We Offer Custom Built Personal Indoor Marijuana / Commercial Growing Operations.

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